Regular users of 3D point cloud data will be aware that the creation and manipulation of large 3D point cloud data sets is a time consuming and complex task. It usually involves:

  1. obtaining a 3D survey of the applicable item, building or landscape, to generate a large set of 3 dimensional points (a data set);
  2. loading that data set into a computer program to create a model of the survey; and
  3. selecting sections of the model on which to do more detailed analysis.

Pointerra’s service stores third party 3D point cloud data sets, processes them in the cloud and displays 3D models generated from those data sets on your browser. You can move in and around each model using our online viewer, and (if available) you can select sections of the model from our viewer and download the raw point-cloud data to use in your own modelling applications*.

There are some technical differences between Pointerra’s service and the normal survey process, which you must keep in mind when using our service. Pointerra will not be responsible for any failure by you to account for these differences in your use of the service. The key limitations and differences are set out below:

  • Data processing. Pointerra uses proprietary and efficient data modelling processes to present 3D models of point cloud data sets over the internet. Where it does not affect the result for visualisation purposes, Pointerra’s processing methods may result in the removal or alteration of data from the data set.For all use cases it is recommended that you refer to the original source data (which is available for download from Pointerra*). The data models provided through this website are intended for visualisation purposes only and are not intended to replace the original 3D survey data.
  • Meta data. Some meta data relating to the scope and size of each data set (such as the number of points in a point cloud, graphical representations of the dataset bounds, or the numerical ranges present in the data) is generated from the processed version of the data model, rather than the source data, and (as a result of our processing methods) may not exactly reflect the attributes of the source data.
  • Variable survey methods. The 3D point cloud data sets displayed on this website have been captured and processed by third parties, for a wide variety of purposes, using different capture methods, processing methods, and survey equipment. Each data set on our website includes some level of meta data relating to how and when that data set was created, however that meta data is provided (directly or indirectly) by the third party supplier of the data set. While Pointerra makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the meta data relating to each data set is current, Pointerra does not warrant the completeness, currency, or accuracy of the meta data.
  • Service is advisory only. You acknowledge and agree that Pointerra’s service is only advisory in nature. Pointerra does not itself collect or create the 3D point-cloud data that are displayed via the website. You must satisfy yourself that the data sets you view or access via our website are suitable for your specific purposes.
  • Merging of data sets. A particular item, building or geographical area displayed on the website may be covered by multiple data sets with different sources. We do not combine datasets from different sources. However, where a single data set includes multiple survey scans taken with different parameters, we may combine these for the purposes of visualisation, and a selection of raw data from this set may include data from one or more of the original survey scans.
  • Accuracy variation. Due to the way we transmit 3D models via the internet, the accuracy of measurements, selections and annotations may vary as your view of a data set changes. You may in some cases be viewing a summarized view of the data and not interacting with the individual point values. If accuracy is important for your particular use case you should refer to the original source data. This is available for download from Pointerra*.
  • Not for use in critical endeavours. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may not use the Services for high risk activity, including without limitation: (a) rail, air, marine, or space travel; (b) lifesaving, life critical or emergency response situations; (c) insurance underwriting; (d) critical health and safety control equipment, or (e) any purpose or use for which the fidelity or accuracy of the source data is of critical importance.

* Subject to additional terms and fees.

Last updated 26/07/2017.